Ruby's Ultimate - Crescendo

Ultimate refers to a class of abilities and the progress towards them. Ultimate attacks are often very powerful attacks that cover a large area, and require build up with other attacks before than can be used. You tend to be invincible during the animation for these attacks. Using an Ultimate attack requires one full bar of Ultimate, and as long as you have at least one full bar a prompt with the button the attack is bound to will be displayed near your ultimate progress. A sound will play whenever you fill up a bar.

Ultimate Progress Edit


3 Ultimate Bars, 2 Full, 1 Empty


Unfinished combo at 23 hits


Finished combo at 24, compare the bars for the ultimate boost

Your Ultimate progress is displayed in one or more bars above your aura bar. Every time you hit an enemy, you gain more progress towards an Ultimate. Some attacks hit an enemy more than once, giving you more Ultimate progress, for example Ruby's aerial Heavy hits twice. Attacks also increase your combo or hitstreak. If you manage to complete a full combo of 24 hits (or 16 with Hyperballistic) in a row without getting hit yourself, or taking too long between attacks, you gain a much larger amount towards aura on the last hit (increased with Perfect Form). You can increase how much Ultimate you can have at one time by using Improved Ultimate, which can give you up to three Ultimate bars.

Ultimate Progress and Getting Revived Edit

Getting revived - from being knocked down from getting hit too many times with no aura left- will almost always change how much Ultimate you have.

  • If you have not used Improved Ultimate (i.e. you have one bar maximum capacity):
    • And that bar is full, it will become empty.
    • If you had anything less, it will stay the same.
  • If you have used Improved Ultimate (i.e. you have two or three bars maximum capacity):
    • And have at least two bars full, you will go down to one full bar.
    • If you had at least one full bar, but less than two, it will stay the same amount.
    • If you have under one full bar, you will gain one full bar on top of the amount

Ultimate Attacks Edit

Every Playable Character has an Ultimate Attack unique to them. These are all upgradable, and almost always large area of effect attacks, and highly damaging.

Character Ultimate Description
Ruby Crescendo Ruby spins Crescent Rose around her in a horizontal circle
Weiss Nova Weiss releases a large burst of energy
Blake Shadow Clone Blake creates a Shadow Clone that explodes after a brief delay
Yang Quake Yang punches the ground hard enough to create a large shockwave
Jaune Natural Leader Jaune lets out a loud battlecry, that powers up his teammates 
Nora Charged Up Nora charges her hammer with electricity, then smashes it into the ground, creating a shockwave
Pyrrha Pyrrhouette Pyrrha spins her spear around her in a large circle
Ren Warp Strike Ren dashes around, attacking with palm strikes

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