Ruby's Team Attack - Reap

A Team Attack is a special attack in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. They generally involve hitting an enemy very hard while its guard is down to set up for another player to execute a powerful, upgradable, and awesome looking attack on them. In solo play, you can always execute your own Team Attacks. In multiplayer, executing a Team attack grants 30 XP and 15 points to score, and the same to the person who set it up.

Team Attack Setup Edit


A Beowolf in Team Attack Setup, ready for you to execute the Team Attack


The Team Attack symbol when you can't execute the attack

Team Attacks have a chance to trigger on all heavy attacks (from combos included), counters and Ultimates. The only way to 100% trigger a Team Attack is to hit a stunned enemy with a fully charged heavy attack. When an enemy has been setup for a Team Attack, they will be functionally stunned (taking damage as if their guard was down) for 8 seconds, and have a symbol like two crossed swords with arrows pointing inwards to indicate who this Team Attack is for. If it is orange, and has the key or button that your Team Attack is bound to below it, you can execute that attack (assuming other teammates don't get there first). If it is grey, you can't execute it, most likely because you set it up.

When playing on multiplayer, you need another player nearby (about the distance of a tier 2 or 3 Ultimate attack) for there to be a chance of you setting up one. The closer they are the higher the chance. Hitting multiple enemies at once also seems to increase the chance of triggering Team Attacks, for example Ren's aerial heavy attack in a group tends to trigger multiple at once. You can trigger a team attack on a frozen enemy, which knocks them out of freeze and into team attack setup.

You cannot trigger Team attacks on Creeps, Mutant Creeps, Mutant Beowolves, the Ursa Major or the Mutant Deathstalker.

Variations Edit

  • Heavy Synergy increases the chance of a Team Attack to trigger off of Heavy Attacks (including from combos).
  • Team Player is an ability of Ruby's that increases the chance of her counters triggering Team Attacks.
  • Ultimate Team Jaune is the third Tier of Jaune's Team Jaune ability allows him the execute his own Team Attacks.
  • Long Distance Toss is an ability of Pyrrha's that doubles the distance she can execute Team Attacks from.
  • Ren passively is able to execute some of the Team Attacks he has set up. His ability Heavy Hands allows him to always do so.

Execution Edit

Every playable character has an upgradable Team Attack that they can execute off of a Team Attack setup. To execute, simply press the button below an orange team attack symbol, and if you're close enough your character will perform their attack, usually finishing at the enemy's location.

Character Team Attack Description
Ruby Reap Ruby spins Crescent Rose vertically around her and into the enemy
Weiss Frostbite Weiss leaps into the air, then stabs Myrtenaster down into the enemy
Blake Shadow Strike Blake uses her clones to dash around the enemy slashing at it multiple times
Yang Blast Wave Yang performs a powerful punch, creating a shockwave that smashes the target backwards
Jaune Dash and Slash Jaune dashes to the enemy and slashes at them multiple times
Nora Electro Blast Nora channels electricity through her hammer to the enemy. It is the only ranged team attack
Pyrrha Spear Toss Pyrrha throws her spear at the target, then dashes over and pulls it out with enough force to create a shockwave
Ren Cyclone Ren spins very quickly at an angle into the enemy, slicing them with StormFlower multiple times


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