Skill Pyrrha Spear

Spear Toss is one of three abilities available to Pyrrha Nikos in RWBY: Grimm Eclipsespecifically her Team Attack. When used, Pyrrha throws her spear at an enemy, then dashes towards it to pull it out in a damaging manner. Upgraded versions cause a shockwave that damage surrounding enemies.

The throw deals 1 damage, the rest coming from her retrieving Miló.

Skill Tiers Edit

Tier 1 - Spear Toss Edit

  • "Pyrrha dashes and thrusts her spear into the targeted enemy." 
  • Deals 451 damage to target enemy.

Tier 2 - Improved Spear Toss Edit

  • "Pyrrha creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies when pulling her spear out of her target." 
  • Deals 476 damage to primary target, and the shockwave deals 100 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3 - Brutal Spear Toss Edit

  • "Increases the total damage from Pyrrha's spear toss." 
  • Deals 476 damage to the primary target and the shockwave deals 200 damage.
  • Costs 2 to upgrade.
  • To unlock, defeat 100 enemies with Team Attacks as Pyrrha.
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