In RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Total Score is a function of several smaller categories. Kills, Assists, and Teamwork all contribute to your total score, and the game also keeps track of your deaths, although they have no effect. In Horde Mode, Turret Kills are added to the contributions.

The scoreboard will be displayed at the end of every Chapter of the Campaign, and at the end of each Horde Mode run. You can also check during gameplay by holding Tab on keyboard, back on a Xbox 1 controller, or the touchpad for a PS4 controller.

Wave MVPs are awarded to the person who has gained the most score during that wave.

Teamwork Edit

Teamwork contributes to Total Score in two main ways, Team Attacks and for Reviving people.

  • Team Attacks give 15 score to both the person who set up the attack, and the person executing it.
  • Reviving someone gives you 100 score.

Kills and Assists Edit

Turret Kills add to score in the same way a normal kill does. For clarification, a Kill refers to the final blow on an enemy.

Assists give less score than a kill. For clarification, an assist is when you damage an enemy, but do not get the final blow.

Enemy Kill Assist
Creep 5 N/A
Alpha Creep 40 10
Beowolf 20 5
Alpha Beowolf 50 10
Boarbatusk 40 10
Ursa Minor 100 40
Ursa Major 0 0
Red Android 40 10
White Android 40 10
Mini Deathstalker 5 N/A
Mutant Creep 2 N/A
Mutant Beowolf 75 30
Mutant Deathstalker 100 0

Normal Creeps, Mutant Creeps, and Mini Deathstalkers are too small to be worth Assists. 

Trivia Edit

  • Jaune's Natural Leader power-up gives him score as if he was assisting every kill made by his teammates effected by the power up.

Gallery Edit

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