RWBY: Grim Eclipse



Jordan Scott



Release Date
  • April 1st, 2014 (Fan-Made)

Hack and Slash

RWBY: Grim Eclipse was the unofficial, fan-made video game adaptation of Rooster Teeth Production's ongoing web-series: RWBY. It was created by Jordan Scott, and released on April 1st, 2014.

There is no plot in this game, it is just an infinite horde of Beowolves attacking Ruby in waves.

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  • Cloth Armor slightly increases defense and resistance towards enemy attacks.
  • Potions are consumable items. They restore 50 HP. Ruby Rose begins the game with 5 in her possession.

Ammunition is consumed when firing Crescent Rose, there are 5 types:

  • Normal Magazines "Normal Mag." They offer no additional benefits, and Ruby Rose begins the game with 99 in her possession.
  • Frost Magazines "Frost Mag." They slow down enemies over time, and the slowing effect can stack.
  • Ghost Magazines "Ghost Mag." Their primary effect is the ability to pass through enemies, potentially hitting multiple foes, until they collide with the terrain.
  • Scorch Magazines "Scorch Mag." They have the ability to burn targets over a period of time.
  • Silver Magazines "Silver Mag.". Their primary effect is the ability to propel enemies away from Ruby Rose upon impact. They possess a much more noticeable effect compared to Normal Magazines.
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