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Nora Valkyrie is one of the playable characters included in the Downloadable Content of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse that was released on October 13th. [1]

Appearance Edit

Nora has ginger hair, the only part of her that doesn't follow her pink/white/black colour theme.

Her undershirt is white, with a heart shaped gap on her chest, that is worn underneath some form of chest half-bodice that wraps around the bust.

On her arms, Nora has white armbands that cover the middle of the arm, and pink fingerless gloves.

Nora combines this with a bright pink skirt, matching that with white and pink laced boots.

Nora stands out like a sore thumb on the battlefield in the best possible way.

Abilities Edit

Nora's melee attacks are very slow and hard hitting. Her ranged attacks fire grenades from Magnhild, dealing 30 damage, the ranged combo ending in a group of them. Her attacks in general have electricity as a theme and a lot of her upgrades introduce more electricity into her attacks. Enemies hit by her electricity have a chance to be stunned for a very short time. Her Team Attack, Electro Blast, is currently the only ranged team attack in the game. Her counter deals 60 damage.

Charged Up - Ultimate Edit

  • Tier 1 - Charged Up: "Nora performs an aerial attack while conducting electricity with her weapon which sends out a shock wave as she lands." Deals 600 damage to all enemies within radius.
  • Tier 2 - Fully Charged: "Increases the range and power of Nora's shock wave." Costs 2 to upgrade. Deals 750 damage to all enemies within radius.
  • Tier 3 - Super Charged/Charged Up Mastery: "Adds a chain of electricity between enemies hit with Nora's shock wave." Costs 2 to upgrade. To unlock defeat 300 enemies with Nora's ultimate. Deals 800 damage with the shock wave, and 50 with the electricity chain.
    20170225185348 1

    Nora's Ultimate Attack - Charged Up

Electro Blast - Team Attack Edit

  • Nora charging electricity into her Hammer
  • Nora shooting the electricity at her target
  • Tier 1 - Electro Blast: "Nora charges electricity into her weapon and fires it at a target." Deals 850 damage.
  • Tier 2 - Improved Electro Blast: "Adds a chain of electricity to the Electro Blast that damages nearby enemies." Costs 1 to upgrade. Deals 850 damage to primary target, and electricity chain deals 850 damage to secondary targets.
  • Tier 3 - Super Electro Blast/Electro Blast Mastery: "Adds a larger affected range to damage more enemies with the Electro Blast." Costs 2 to upgrade. To unlock defeat 100 enemies with Team attacks as Nora. Deals 850 damage to primary target and 1000 damage to secondary targets.

Love Launcher - Ranged Edit

  • 20170220180220 1

    Nora's Love Launcher - Heart shaped ranged attack

    Tier 1 - Love Launcher: "Nora fires grenades in an arc that explodes on impact."
  • Tier 2 - Improved Love Launcher: "Adds more powerful grenaddes to Nora's ranged attack." Costs 1 to upgrade.
  • Tier 3a - Love Mines: "Nora launches mines which explode when an enemy touches them." Costs 1 to upgrade.
  • Tier 3b - Love Shock/Ranged Mastery: "Nora's grenades unleash a chain of electricity that harms nearby enemies when directly striking their target." Costs 1 to upgrade. To unlock defeat 200 enemies with Ranged attacks as Nora.

General - Nora Specific Edit

  • Power Surge/Deadly Huntress: "Adds a power modifier that doubles Nora's damage when quickly scoring successive hits." Costs 2 to upgrade. To unlock defeat 750 enemies with Nora. When you do enough attacks in a short period of time Nora ignores guard deals +100% damage until she looses the effect. Lasts until her combo is broken.
  • Lightning Chain/Boop: "Adds an electric element to all light attack combos." Costs 2 to upgrade. To unlock reach level 10 as Nora. When scoring successive light attacks, her attacks cause a lightning chain to arc between enemies, dealing 100 damage.

General - General Edit

  • Survivor/Hunter"You can survive more damage after your aura is depleted." Costs 1 to upgrade. To unlock, reach level 5 in any character on your account. Increases how many hits you can take when your aura is depleted.
  • Aura Regeneration"Your aura recoveres much faster." Costs 2 to upgrade. Decreases how much time it takes your aura to recover.
  • Increased Aura/Master Hunter"You gain more aura." Costs 1 to upgrade. To unlock, defeat 2000 enemies across your account. Increases the amount of aura you have.
  • Medic/Saviour - "Revives teammates much faster." Costs 1 upgrade. To unlock, revive 5 teammates across your entire account. Greatly decreases the time it takes to revive teammates.
  • Improved Ultimate 1"You ultimate pool increases by 1." Costs 1 to upgrade. Increases your ultimate pool by 1.
  • Improved Ultimate 2/Ultimatum"Your ultimate pool increases by 1." Costs 1 to upgrade. To unlock, defeat 300 enemies with Ultimate Attacks across your account. Requires Improved Ultimate 1 to be purchased first.
  • Heavy Synergy/Slugger"Heavy attacks have an improved chance to creat a team attack opportunity." Costs 1 to upgrade. To unlock, defeat 300 enemies with heavy attacks across your account. Ups the chance of triggering a team attack set-up when you use heavy attacks.

Quotes Edit

Level Up Edit

  • "All hail the queen!"
  • "I'M THE bestest!"
  • "Byooop! WHEEEEE AH haha ha ha!"

Fight Won Edit

  • "Aawww. Is that all?!"
  • "That was fun! Again!"
  • "Over already?!"
  • "Where'd they all go?! Ughhh, I'm bored now!"

Strong Enemy Defeated Edit

  • "Boop!"
  • "Wheeee! Let's do it again."
  • "I win, I win, I win!"
  • "OFF with their heads..."

Team Attack Edit

  • "Haha! I love doing that!"
  • "Don't look so shocked! [giggles]"
  • "Annnd zap!"
  • "Oh yeah. That felt good."

Team Attack (Solo) Edit

  • "BOOOOOM!"
  • "NEXT!"
  • "I got this!"
  • "Get zapped!"

Revived Edit

  • "Now I'm angry."
  • "I'm gonna break their legs for that!"
  • "Thanks, I needed that!"
  • "Thank youuuuuuu!"

Taunt Edit

  • "I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!"

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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