Mini Deathstalker





Burrow, slash, spin, stab


Tinier than the player, white armour plating, orange stinger

Mini Deathstalkers are one of two types of Deathstalker, and are found in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. On death, they give out 5xp and 5 points. They have 1400 hitpoints.

Appearance Edit

The Mini Deathstalker is a tiny Grimm that resembles real world scorpions, only just smaller than the Alpha Creep. It has a bright yellow stinger, and has white armour plating all the way down its body, and along its claws.

However, its black legs and underbelly are all unarmoured.

There seems to be moss on the claws as well, or at least some form of green-coloured mark.

Spawn Locations Edit

Mini Deathstalkers can only be found in Horde Mode and Grimm Gauntlet.

Abilities Edit

The Mini Deathstalker, while tough, is essentially a more diverse Alpha Creep.

They have four attacks:

  • A burrowing move that cannot be countered. They don't seem to move far, but this will solely be used to advance on the player. It does minor damage.
  • A double slash attack that can be countered. This will push the player back slightly, and do decent damage.
  • A spin attack that cannot be countered. It pushes the player back and away, and does middling damage.
  • A stab attack that can be countered. The Mini Deathstalker will thrust its stinger at the player for decent damage.

All of these moves have tells, and can be predicted easily.

Tactics Edit

The one thing that Mini Deathstalkers have going for them is that they have a good chunk of HP, but luckily they lack a guard.

You could either wait for a counter opportunity, and go in for a charged heavy, which will deplete most if not all of its health. If the Mini Deathstalker still has minor health left, drop your preferred combo on it.

When facing multiple, there's really not much to worry about aside from possible stunlock deaths. Mind your positioning, and don't be afraid to tactically retreat if there are too many. Crowd control attacks will be especially handy at this point, too.

When playing with rather eager players, don't be afraid to get stuck in. They're only worth 5xp, and not a particularly huge threat either, so go give those blasted Mini Deathstalkers what for.

Mini Deathstalkers can be frozen and stunned.

Gallery Edit

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