Skill Nora Launcher

Love Launcher is one of three abilities available to Nora Valkyrie in RWBY: Grimm Eclipsespecifically her ranged combo finisher. To use, fire ranged attacks three times in succession, and the third will be a group of Nora's grenades.

Skill Tiers Edit

Tier 1 - Love Launcher Edit

  • "Nora fires grenades in an arc that explodes on impact."

Tier 2 - Improved Love Launcher Edit

  • "Adds more powerful grenaddes to Nora's ranged attack." 
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3a - Love Mines Edit

  • "Nora launches mines which explode when an enemy touches them." 
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3b - Love Shock/Ranged Mastery Edit

  • "Nora's grenades unleash a chain of electricity that harms nearby enemies when directly striking their target." 
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.
  • To unlock, defeat 200 enemies with Ranged attacks as Nora.
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