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Horde Mode is one of two game modes available in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. It was released on October 13th 2016 as a free update, along with the release of the JNPR DLC.

The players are assisted over scroll by Professor Port.


Unlike Campaign, Horde Mode is rather self-contained, despite having to be played online. The player is spawned in an area covered in control centers, and has to spend a certain amount of waves defending control centers, and surviving.

The player can achieve this by playing aggressively, or hanging back and working on crowd control.

As the player defeats enemies, acquires Wave MVP (multiplayer only), Turret MVP (multiplayer only) or flawless waves (no damage to the control centers), they earn Lien, which can be spent on buying turrets.

Turrets help the player defend certain locations, increasing their chances of completing the level. Players can purchase either machine gun, icethrower, grenade launcher or shotgun turrets, which provide various advantages and disadvantages to the battlefield.

As the waves go on, they increase in difficulty, forgetting simple Beowolf waves and moving onto waves where multiple White Commando Androids and Mutant Beowolves spawn, as an example.

Horde Mode is the only place where Mini Deathstalkers spawn.

Like Campaign, the more players are present, the more enemies spawn, therefore increasing the difficulty in certain senses.


At the moment, there are only 3 maps to play on for Horde Mode.


  • There is an unused Horde Mode map for Dr. Merlot's Island
  • The Horde Mode achievements are the most challenging to get, even though there are only 5 achievements directly related to Horde Mode
  • Turrets do count towards Rank requirements, except Turret MVP does not count as Wave MVP.


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