Fire Missiles is one of three abilities available to Yang Xiao Long in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, specifically her ranged combo. To use, fire ranged attacks three times in succession, and the third will be a Fire Missiles.

Full Release Edit

Tier 1 - Missile Barrage Edit

  • "Yang fires 2 missiles at the end of her ranged attack."
  • Deals 120 damage in total.

Tier 2 - Concussion Missiles Edit

  • "Yang now fires 4 missiles that do more damage and stuns enemies."
  • Deals 160 damage in total and stuns the enemy.
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3 - Missile Salvo/Ranged Mastery Edit

  • "Yang now fires 8 missiles that do heavy damage."
  • Deals 480 damage and no longer stuns the enemy.
  • Costs 2 to upgrade.
  • To unlock, defeat 200 enemies with ranged attacks as Yang.

Early Access Edit

In Early Access, Yang had Sunbreaker instead of Fire Missiles. When used, Yang jumped into the air, uppercutting enemies directly in front of her, similar to her LLH in the Full Release.

1st level - Sunbreaker Edit

  • "Yang punches towards the sun, knocking enemies in front of her upwards. The ability is very short strong, but has a short range."
  • Hits each enemy for 240 damage.
  • Costs 1 special to use.

2nd level - Improved Sunbreaker Edit

  • "Greatly increases Sunbreaker's power and knockback."
  • Hits each enemy for 240 damage.
  • Costs 1 point to unlock, 1 special to use.

3rd level - Sunbreaker Mastery/Starkiller Edit

  • "Sunbreaker now hits three times on the way up, tripling its damage."
  • Deals a total of 720 damage if all 3 hits connect.
  • Challenge: Defeat 100 enemies with Sunbreaker to unlock this ability.
  • Costs 2 to unlock, 2 to use.
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