Skill Jaune DashNSlash

Dash and Slash is an ability unique to Jaune Arc from RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, specifically his Team Attack. When used, Jaune dashes towards the enemy and slashes at it several times.

Skill Tiers Edit

Tier 1 - Dash and Slash Edit

  • "Jaune dashes towards the target and stabs them repeatedly." 
  • Deals 400 damage to the enemy.

Tier 2 - Improved Dash and Slash Edit

  • "Adds more strikes to inflict more damage and also damages surrounding enemies." 
  • Deals 600 damage to primary target, and 150 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3 - Final Dash and Slash/Dash and Slash Mastery Edit

  • "Greatly increases the damage and adds even more slices." 
  • Deals 800 damage to primary target, and 300 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Costs 2 to upgrade.
  • To unlock, defeat 100 enemies with Jaune's team attack.
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