Skill Ren Cyclone

Cyclone is Lie Ren's Team Attack ability in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. When used, Ren spins towards the enemy, damaging it with StormFlower.

Skill Tiers Edit

Tier 1 - Cyclone Edit

  • "Ren spins diagonally while slashing enemies before knocking them away." 
  • Deals 650 damage to target enemy.

Tier 2 - Improved Cyclone Edit

  • "Increases the number of spins and adds a splash damage to Ren's Cyclone." 
  • Deals 750 damage to primary target, deals up to 400 splash damage to each secondary target.
  • Costs 1 to upgrade.

Tier 3 - Devastating Cyclone/Cyclone Mastery Edit

  • "Ren now shoots his gun as he spins which damages more enemies in the area." .
  • Deals 850 damage to primary target, deals up to 400 damage to secondary targets, and shoots bullets.
  • Costs 2 to upgrade.
  • To unlock, defeat 100 enemies with Ren's team attacks.
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