Burrow, tailwhip


Bonelike covering on its head with Grimm markings

Creeps are an enemy in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. Upon death, they dish out 5xp and 5 points. They have 400 hitpoints.


In terms of appearance, these Grimm are akin to certain species of theropod dinosaurs. However, this Grimm shows one unique feature: it has no forelimbs, only hindlimbs. Said hindlimbs are dual-clawed, and have legs adapted for speed, with a really long foot raising the ankle joint for extended stride length, heavily akin to an ostrich. They also possess tails, which are used for balance during locomotion.

Their skulls are rather stubby, and are very similar in appearance to a Carnotaurus. Like all other Grimm, they feature a dark black color, with bonelike coverings all over the body and a line of spines along the spine, alongside deep red eyes.

Spawn Locations Edit

Creeps are mook enemies, and therefore are a very common encounter.

They can be found in each chapter of campaign mode, and also make appearances in Horde Mode, particularly in the early waves.


Creeps have two attack patterns:

  1. Burrowing underground, then bursting up on the player to deal small damage. This cannot be countered.
  2. Tailwhipping the player for decent damage. This move can be countered.

The burrowing move is more annoying than it is nasty, however, it can be interrupted if the player deals damage while in their jumping animation. It is also solely used to advance on the player, unlike it's Alpha variant.

The tailwhip can be easily predicted, as the creep does obvious tells such as roaring at the character before attacking.


Creeps are not particularly dangerous, due to their low health and lack of a guard to reduce damage, but can get overwhelming in large numbers. Because their health is low, standard melee/ranged attacks can kill them fairly easily, without wasting ultimate.

However, if swarmed by them, any area ability (Yang's Quake, Ruby's Crescendo, or Weiss' Nova) will deal major damage or kill them, even if the ability has not been upgraded.

Creeps cause most player deaths through stunlocking, so mind your positioning and the timing of their attacks, and you should be fine.

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