Black fur, bonelike spines along its body

Beowolves are an enemy in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. On death, they give 15xp and 20 points. On assist, they give out 5xp and 5 points. They have 800 hitpoints.


Beowolves resemble the traditional, bipedal forms of lycanthropes, more commonly known as werewolves. They stand on their hind legs, albeit with a slouch, and are extremely muscular. They have pitch-black fur and red eyes. On their face is a bone-like mask with red Grimm markings, and they have bone spikes protruding from their arms, back, and knees and elbows. Their fingers and toes are tipped with long, sharp, white claws. They have a line of blunt spines down the middle of their back.

Previous AppearancesEdit

The original fan game version of Grim Eclipse had the "Red" Trailer style Beowolves, which were pitch black with red eyes, red teeth, and no bone mask nor bone spikes.

Ge pre-alpha white beowolf

The white Beowolf, from the Dec 2014 update.

Late in December 2014, a Pre-Alpha version of the game was released for a limited time to Rooster Teeth Sponsors. This version had a white Beowolf acting as a boss fight. Its fur was white, and its bone spikes, claws, and teeth were dark gray. Its mask was off-white with gray markings, and its eyes were yellow.

Spawn LocationsEdit

Much like the standard Creep, the Beowolf is very common, and can be found in all chapters of the campaign.

It also spawns quite commonly, especially in the early waves of Horde Mode.


Full ReleaseEdit

Along with the standard Creep, the Beowolf is the other mook enemy of the game.

It only has one attack, which has a significant tell and is incredibly easy to counter. It raises it's paw up to slash at you, giving you plenty of time to counter or interrupt it's attack, and demolish it. However, the attack does deal a decent amount of damage to the player's aura.

The player can also dodge through the attack quite easily.

Early AccessEdit

Beowolves are capable of unleashing a barrage of rapid slashes with their claws, which can lower the player's Aura at a fast rate.


Beowolves are easy prey: much like the Creep, they're easy to dispatch and demolish. Whether through your preferred combo, dropping an ultimate or spamming ranged, they will die pretty easily.

As the weakest enemy that it is possible to trigger a Team Attack on, it is quite easy to do so, especially when you manage to hit a group at the same time.

The only real threat they have is when they're in a group, as Beowolves have the ability to stunlock the player, destroying their aura and killing them quickly.

As long as the player minds its positioning, where the Beowolves are around them, and how often they're attacking, the player will be able to dispatch Beowolves easily.

In the case of being overwhelmed, simple area of affect or crowd control attacks will give the player enough room to breathe, regenerate aura and try again.

Beowolves can be frozen, stunned, interrupted and prepped for team attack.

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