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Artifacts are objects found throughout RWBY: Grimm Eclipse that can be collected for Professor Oobleck. They are worth 100 XP apiece and take the form of sparkling chess pieces. A soft chiming sound is heard when near an artifact.


Chapter 1: Boots on the Ground

The first artefact of the game can be found in the very first arena, behind some rocks.


After finishing the second encounter, pass through the crumbled rock wall, and follow the path round that splits off to the right. At the end of this path, is the second artefact of this chapter.


After finishing the first encounter with Beowolves, go through the crumbled rock wall and follow the path around. Soon enough, you'll come to a wooden bridge with boxes and vases nearby. Destroy the boxes and vases, and go past them to find a partially hidden path. Follow this path down, and you'll find the artefact.


In the cave with the control center, go past the control center, keeping to the right. On the right hand side, is another smaller cave. Go into that, and on the left is a stone passage, with some foliage hanging off the entryway. In here, is the last artefact of the level.


Chapter 2: Technical Difficulties

As soon as you start the level, walk forward until you reach the edge of the cliff with barriers, making you choose whether to go left or right. Take the left path, and follow it around. Near a pillar, is the first artefact of the level.


After finishing the first encounter with Boarbatusks, go to the crumbled rock wall. As soon as you're in the entryway of where the rock wall was, turn about face. On the left, is a nook with boxes and the artefact in.


When you've completed the waved encounter with the bridge, cross it. Instead of taking one of the available paths, go immediately to the right, facing a box with some trees. Behind the trees, is the artefact.


As you make your way down to the control center, near the bottom, will be a box on a small hill. Go just past this box, and on the right, will be a small hill grass path leading around and back onto the main path. In here, will be the last artefact of the level.


Chapter 3: The Collapse

  • TBC

Chapter 4: Below the Surface

  • TBC

Chapter 5: Right on Track

  • TBC

Chapter 6: End of the Line

  • TBC

Chapter 7: The Island of Dr. Merlot

  • TBC

Chapter 8: A Grimm Discovery

  • TBC

Chapter 9: The Grand Tour

  • TBC

Chapter 10: Final Exam

  • TBC


Ruby Rose

  • "Ooooh, neat."
  • "Hey, a souvenir!"
  • "Look what I found!"
  • "Finders keepers!"

Weiss Schnee

  • "This looks interesting."
  • "What do we have here?"
  • "Another one for my collection."
  • "I'll take that."

Blake Belladonna

  • "Let's take this back to Beacon."
  • "Huh, look at this."
  • "What is this thing?"
  • "This is coming with us."

Yang Xiao Long

  • "Helloooo."
  • "Check this out!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Found a thingy!"

Jaune Arc

  • "Uhh, somebody drop this?"
  • "I always wanted one of these."
  • "Hey, this looks cool."
  • "What do we have here."

Nora Valkyrie

  • "OoooOOOO shiny."
  • "I’m queen of the castle!"
  • "Oh! I bet Ren would like this!"
  • "Got another one!"

Pyrrha Nikos

  • "This belongs back at Beacon."
  • "I’m grabbing this for safe keeping."
  • "I’ll add this to the collection."
  • "This is coming with us. "

Lie Ren

  • "I should bring this back for further study."
  • "One more for the collection."
  • "Why hello, little treasure."
  • "What do we have here?"
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