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Artifacts are objects found throughout RWBY: Grimm Eclipse that can be collected for Professor Oobleck. They are worth 100 XP apiece and take the form of sparkling chess pieces. A soft chiming sound is heard when near an artifact.


Chapter 1: Boots on the Ground

  • TBC

Chapter 2: Technical Difficulties

  • TBC

Chapter 3: The Collapse

  • TBC

Chapter 4: Below the Surface

  • TBC

Chapter 5: Right on Track

  • TBC

Chapter 6: End of the Line

  • TBC

Chapter 7: The Island of Dr. Merlot

  • TBC

Chapter 8: A Grimm Discovery

  • TBC

Chapter 9: The Grand Tour

  • TBC

Chapter 10: Final Exam

  • TBC



  • "Ooooh, neat."
  • "Hey, a souvenir!"
  • "Look what I found!"
  • "Finders keepers!"


  • "This looks interesting."
  • "What do we have here?"
  • "Another one for my collection."
  • "I'll take that."


  • "Let's take this back to Beacon."
  • "Huh, look at this."
  • "What is this thing?"
  • "This is coming with us."


  • "Helloooo."
  • "Check this out!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Found a thingy!"


  • "Uhh, somebody drop this?"
  • "I always wanted one of these."
  • "Hey, this looks cool."
  • "What do we have here."


  • "OoooOOOO shiny."
  • "I’m queen of the castle!"
  • "Oh! I bet Ren would like this!"
  • "Got another one!"


  • "This belongs back at Beacon."
  • "I’m grabbing this for safe keeping."
  • "I’ll add this to the collection."
  • "This is coming with us. "


  • "I should bring this back for further study."
  • "One more for the collection."
  • "Why hello, little treasure."
  • "What do we have here?"
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