Alpha Creep





Burrow, tailwhip


Hardened white armour exterior, bipedal

Alpha Creeps are a Creep variant, found in RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. On death, they give out 25xp and 40 points. On assist, they give out 10xp and 10 points. They have 1200 hitpoints.

Appearance Edit

The Alpha Creep is larger and sturdier than it's mook variant, with large spines and far thicker and more bonelike armor plating.

It legs are thicker and have spikes. The spikes down the spine are much larger and sharper.

There are also red Grimm patterns on the skull, the only colour standing out amidst the white plating and black scales.

Spawn Locations Edit

Alpha Creeps are a somewhat common enemy, spawning in most chapters of the campaign.

They can be found in:

Alpha Creeps also have a chance of spawning in Horde Mode.

Abilities Edit

Much like its standard variant, the Alpha Creep has two notable attacks, with one minor variation.

  • A tailwhip attack that deals moderate damage. This move can be countered and interrupted.
  • A burrow attack that deals moderate damage. This move cannot be countered, but can be interrupted if the player is fast enough.

The one minor variation is found in it's burrow attack: where the normal Creep would only use it to advance on the player, the Alpha Creep uses it also to make a quick retreat away from the player.

All attacks have large tells, and can be predicted.

Tactics Edit

The Alpha Creep is tougher than its normal variant, thanks to the thick armour plating it sports.

Thankfully, they can be stunned, frozen, and set up for team attacks. Countering the tailwhip move, applying a charged heavy, and then using that team attack will demolish most of its health. Using your preferred combo afterwards will then dispatch it.

Most of their threat comes when facing multiple at a time: much like the Creep tactic, using crowd control or attacks with area of effect will help you dispatch them.

In multiplayer, when eager players would rather hammer on them rather than wait for team attack and stunning opportunities, simply wail on them with your preferred combo until death.

Most Alpha Creep player deaths are caused by stunlocking, so mind your positioning and know when to back up, and you should be good.

Gallery Edit

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